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The How-To Book For Creating Your Own Ceremony

Perfect for couples desiring to save money by having a friend or family member perform their ceremony.

Do It Yourself Wedding Ceremonies in Colorado

Colorado Commitments has written an extensive how-to manual for couples wanting to write their own wedding ceremonies! This DIY handbook is perfect for couples who are opting to save money by having a friend or family member perform their ceremony. In Colorado, this is a legal option! As of this writing, a Colorado marriage or civil union may be solemnized by the following: Judge, Court Magistrate, Religious or Tribal Official – OR – the couple themselves!

Because the State of Colorado does not require any specific legal wording within your wedding ceremony, your ceremony can be exactly the way you want it and your performer can be anyone you choose. However, if the performer is not one of the above-named legal solemnizers, the performer may NOT sign your marriage license as the official party because of their lack of legal capacity. Don’t worry, though! Colorado only requires the Bride and Groom (or Bride and Bride/Groom and Groom) sign the marriage or civil union license to make the union legal. Please ask at the County offices for legal clarification if you choose this option.

If you’re getting married in a state other than Colorado, ensure you check with that state’s legal requirements for your officiant’s ability to solemnize your union. Do keep in mind that an online ordination is not recognized as legally sufficient to perform weddings in every state.

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